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Painting Contractor

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Have you ever looked at your double story house with dread because you know you need to get up that ladder and start painting but find a million and one things you would rather do? Or have you cringed in embarrassment at the sight of your tired staircase that you simply don't have enough hours in the day to actually get your teeth into improving? We know just how you feel, because we understand that time is one of the most precious commodities we have.

Thankfully, Moura Painting Inc. takes those troublesome chores off your hands, freeing you up to concentrate on more fun activities. Like reading, and watching TV....

DIY home projects can be as dull as watching paint dry, not to mention frustrating, time consuming and dangerous. No need to tackle those thankless tasks yourself! Let expert painting contractors handle those chores for you. Whether it's the mammoth task of repainting your home, or a drab room needing a revamp, Moura Painting can do the job affordably, professionally and properly for you.

In the ideal world we all want to be handy. There is something quite satisfying in a job well done....but if the Mrs. or Mr. has been nagging you to get cracking on the task, or you have been leaving to do lists on your fridge, don't delay any further. Call Moura Painting for a free estimate and get that chore ticked off your to do list before it starts becoming a real problem!

Don't forget we offer a 5% discount off painting contractor jobs $1500 and over!

Call us today for your free estimate at (508) 989-7343!