Wallpaper Removal


Wallpaper Removal

Wallpaper Removal | Moura Painting Inc. - Leominster, MA

Are you looking for a company that offers reliable wallpaper removal in Leominster, MA? Look no further than Moura Painting Inc. We offer the very best services for wallpaper removal, wallpaper and wallpaper stripping. If you own a home and are planning on having the wallpaper removed to paint the walls, you are probably aware that removing wallpaper can be a huge pain.

It might seem like an easy enough task at first, but it is a task that requires significant time, patience, and skill. If you are like millions of people without the time or energy, it is best to hire a professional company that can get it done quickly and efficiently.

Some methods of removal may include the following:
• Dry Stripping – This will only work for strippable wallpaper. The wallpaper is loosened at its corners with a sharp object and slowly pulled back.
• Soaking and Scraping – This happens to be one of the most common methods for removing wallpaper that is non strippable. Warm water a special chemical solution is applied to each section of the wallpaper. The solution, often applied with a paint roller, will need time to set in. Now for the tough part! The wallpaper has to be removed with a scraper.
• Steaming – This can be a method used with wallpaper proves, especially, difficult to remove or there is more than one layer to contend with. Steamers can soften the wallpaper and make it easier to scrape. This is not always the best choice, as steam can damage drywall. The method is safer to use with plaster walls.

As you can imagine, removing wallpaper is a lot of work, and probably best left to the pros who do if for a living. Our crews are professional and experienced. We also have the right equipment. Call today for an estimate. We are the professional wallpaper removal solution.